May garden blooming at Mariners Lodge B&B

There are so many busy bee’s in our garden now that the sun has gained its strength and there’s an abundance of pollen.

I love to see what a difference a month makes! Our happy visitors are certainly enjoying this lovely early heatwave, heaven!

There’s going to be a high tide this evening, coming in fast!

Such a peaceful English scene, a Devon Red cow munching below the house, whilst there’s a tight finish in a Porlock Weir Sailing Club race. Two boats make the most of a little lift to help them over the finishing line behind the first tree!

Monsters of all types abound in our sub tropical climate!

Another few weeks and this shot will be a riot of colour

Love this, it’s Rose ‘May Gold’, against the dinning room window which is reflecting other yellow plants with Porlock bay beyond.

Whoops, I couldn’t bring myself to cut back this vibrant variegated fuschia in our courtyard. Too late now!

This euphorbia and clematis are opposite the fuschia. Will our guests have to fight their way through them soon?!

Love sitting under this pergola, the dappled light is beautiful and the sea view perfect!

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Spring at Mariners Lodge

Mariners Lodge has been a hive of activity for the past few months. Our B&B’s have enjoyed watching the incoming tide whilst sipping their early morning tea , propped up on super soft pillows! We all love watching the egrets hopping back as the tide rushes in. They hate to get wet, salty feet! Despite the cold air, it’s been very dry and our garden has burst forth.

I promised several of our guests to post some photos – with names – of plants that were about to flower, so here goes!

Our Melianthus major has five flowers to date, they’re quite a talking point!

Our lemon tree is now covered in new fruit with more flowers to come. The row of Echium pininana are soaring skywards!

The mass of flowers on our Cornus rubra tree beside the chosia ternata sundance and Ceanothus blue skies, is set off perfectly with the backdrop of the sea.

Always making a springtime splash – the Wedding cake tree – Cornus controversa variagata

Pictures always say more than words, but I suggest that anyone looking for a B&B should check out our guests charming reviews on TripAdvisor! Hope to speak to you soon!

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Scary Soup for Halloween at Mariners Lodge B&B

I can’t remember collecting ingredients for my Pumpkin soup on a warmer Halloween’s Day. The sea’s like a mill pond with sailing boats gleaming in the sunlight and the Autumn harvest here on the edge of Exmoor is amazing! More of that in my next Blog. Now to get chopping!

Pumpkin Soup ingrediants

The soup was soon bubbling away, giving off a delicious waft of fresh veggie smells!

Pumpkin Soup mix

Next task, tasting it for lunch, before my B&B’s eat it as their starter tonight

Pumpkin Soup

Yummy! Now time to cook another batch of my seed loaf, then keeping to the orange theme, a large exotic carrot cake for tea!

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Last Sunrays Before The Storm

After a sunny afternoon here in West Porlock, I saw the storm clouds gathering out to sea. As I watched, there was a shaft of light across the Porlock Salt Marsh. IPhone in hand, I was lucky to have captured these photos! Come and see for yourself! Visit our site last rays of sun 1

Last rays of sun 2

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West Country Cut Off By Rail

This train was stopped yesterday by the waterlogged track. Today, we are cut-off by rail on both main lines. The other picture was taken as I travelled to London on Tuesday. It shows how close the water was to the rails; I suppose it was inevitable that the rising water would submerge the track, after another few days of heavy rain.



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Testing The Flood Water!








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Another Massive Tide

I took these photos an hour either side of high tide. The force of nature and changing light was incredible. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful view of the bay, whilst not at risk of flooding .






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Awesome Autumn Colours!


Whilst riding up the middle Toll road above Mariners Lodge, I just had to stop and marvel at the view stretching out below me. Only two weeks until Christmas and we still have so much colour and leaf on the trees. When did we last have such a year full of such extremes?

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Look What Turned-up In Our Garden


Today’s weather was perfect for gardening here on the edge of Exmoor in Porlock Bay. As I started to tidy the paths, I saw this Ladybird on a leaf that was next in line for the hoe!

It is an Asian Ladybird Beetle called Harmonia Axyridis.  Native to eastern Asia, they were introduce into Europe to control Aphids and scale insects.

I imagine it was looking for a nice crack in one of the windows to hibernate in over the winter. I wonder if it will re-appear in the Spring?

Porlock is a wonderful place to stay for a winter break. There is so much to see and do. Do come and stay with us Click here and see for yourselves.

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Acer Confetti

Acer Confetti

I just had to take a photo of this pretty sight as I walked the dogs above Mariners Lodge B&B. The Acer leaves have mingled with Beech and Oak amongst other deciduous leaves. See the Acer below!!

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