Squirrel Nutkin Got There First!

It’s mid October and 20c today with not a breath of wind – that’s to come!

Time to tack up and attach the saddle bag, we’re going foraging again.

What this time? Chestnuts we”ll just watch you scrabbling round in the leaves.

Think those pesky squirrels got there first!

Yup, we were right – the speed of that squirrel,  look at the size of that Chestnut!

So, should an Exmoor Squirrel Nutkin offer you delicious Marron Glacé  at Christmas time, buy them, they got there first and found some whoppers!

Only two big enough today, but the tail end of another hurricane is forecast to go through on Tuesday. There are bigger and better chestnuts to come, I’m sure!

Now for preparing them. I’m sure that there are loads of different ways to cook these, this is mine.  A large cross on the flat side of the chestnut, I soak them for a few minutes before cooking them over white heat from an open fire. Place them, cross down on a caste iron pan which is preheated and burning hot – literally! Now cook them spraying with water if they start to jump or actually burn!  I have also been successful in doing them in the micro, just for making a purre . Make cross and place in dish with a little water. Cover with  pricked cling film and cook at full heat until soft inside. Cooking time depends on size, so try a few out before deciding how long! They will stay hot for a little while, so be careful and don’t let children open them unsupervised. You’ll  need to check each one for heat first!

About Mariners Lodge

Country House B&B In the middle of Porlock Bay within Exmoor National Park. Outstanding sea views, where the moor meets the sea. TripAdvisor 5* rating
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