Feathered friends

Male great spotted woodpecker at suet feeder

Photo by Nigel Blake

We have bird feeders all around our garden and love visits by our feathered friends.  Apparently, half the British adult population feeds birds in their garden. The choice of feeders is huge, and often people are not sure what food attracts which birds.  Again, the RSPB website is a great help:

Supplementary feeding can’t provide all the natural proteins and vitamins that adult and young birds need, so it’s important to create and manage your garden to provide a source of natural foods as well, through well-managed lawns, shrub and flowerbeds.

If you provide both natural and supplementary food, your garden will be visited year-round by a host of different birds. You can take part in our Homes for Wildlife scheme and we’ll give you all the advice you need, especially tailored to your garden, to make your garden into a wildlife haven.

It is important to feed your garden birds responsibly and safely. By following a few simple guidelines, you can play a valuable role in helping your local birds overcome periods of natural food shortage, survive periods of severe winter weather and come into good breeding condition in the spring.

We love watching the birds feeding outside the window from our conservatory, cup of tea in hand. It’s very therapeutic!


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